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Information on Diamondback belt sizing, pouch set-up, and system recommendations.


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See our size guides to decide which toolbelt or vest size is right for you.

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How do I attach my pouches?

Attaching your pouches is pretty darn easy.  Take a look at this brief video.

What tool pouches are best for me?

We have small and large pouches that fit every need.

How do I adjust the Deluxe Suspenders for the best fit?

Check out the below video to see how to adjust your Deluxe Suspenders for best fit.

Are Diamondback products compatible with other brands?

Are Diamondback products compatible with other brands?. Diamondback® pouches, belts, and suspenders can work with other brands.  Our pouches will fit on any belt up to 3″, and other pouches will fit on our belts.  However, there are added benefits to

I am a carpenter, what kind of system do you recommend?

Here is a quick guide:. Framers. For framers who want to carry everything, all the time, we suggest the Denali 2.0 complete system. This system has tons of individual tool storage and pockets for fasteners. Installation, Cabinetry, General Carpentry,

I do concrete form work and build large structures like Pole Barns, what system is best for me?

Concrete work requires you to carry a lot of large fasteners and some larger, odd-shaped tools. For this type of work, we suggest the GRRande complete system. Our Bolt Bag is also a great accessory.

I am an electrician, what kind of system do you recommend?

We find that our electricians prefer the Niko or the Mini Niko pouches. No two electricians are the same, but the Nikos are designed specifically with electricians in mind. Check out the below video for specialty pouches that electricians use.

Do you have tool pouches and systems for left handed people?

Yes, we can accommodate lefties. All Diamondback® pouches and complete systems are available in both right-side and left-side pouch positions.

How do I break in my pouches?

Wash your new pouch with soap and cold water and, while still wet, stuff the pockets full of…stuff (beer cans, duct tap rolls, peanut cans, you get it). Let the pouch air dry, un-stuff it, and voila!

How do I keep my belt from slipping?

We hear you and have already provided you with a solution. On your belt, there is a black slider ring on the webbing part of the belt that goes across your front. If you rethread the additional loose webbing through that slider ring it will lock your

Can I wash my pouches?

Yes. Wash pouches in cold water and air dry to keep them looking their best (and help speed the break-in time). Detergent can be used.